• Documentation of engine and vessel damages and conducting respective investigations and assessments
  • Documentation of damages of machinery installations, e. g. steam boilers, couplings and oil-filter-units and conducting respective investigations and assessments
  • Condition surveys of engine plants and vessels
  • Audits of Management-Systems (First- and Second-Party- Audits), e. g. Quality-, Security- and Environmental- Management-Systems according to the standards of the ISO 9000- or 14000-series, the ISM- or the ISPS-Code
  • Project Management, e. g. for complex repair projects or development projects
  • We are happy to support you with our partner Captain Wilfried Wolf, Hamburg ( ) e.g. in case of nautical and cargo damages, On-/Off-Hire-Surveys or Bunker-Surveys.
  • By the Niederrhein CCI publicy appointed and sworn-in Expert for vessel's engine damages.